3 Smart Travel Tips to Help you Explore the World with Ease

If you're here from my Instagram or Youtube, then you probably know that in the last few years or so I've done my fair share of travelling. I've been on a couple of major overseas holidays but I am constantly living out of a suitcase, through travelling to and from my home town to Uni and back for work. Because I've been doing this so long I feel like it might give me a little credibility to touch on the subject of smart travel. So here are my top 3 tips to help things go a little smoother.

1. Invest in Quality Luggage
2. Smart Packing
3. Being organised and Cautious

Investing in Quality Luggage

I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but when you travel it is so so so important to have quality luggage and bags, not only for the sake of convenience but also the sake of the security of your belongings. And although it might seem a bit inconvenient at the time to splash out on a suitcase, trust me you won't regret it.

In the last year I have gone through 3 carry-on suitcases, all of which have broken in one way or another due to poor quality wheels, handles or construction. Recently I received the Check Black carry on luggage from Jett Black, and I'll tell you what I was super excited to finally get my hands on a well made, beautifully designed case.


What I love about this case is that it definitely checks all the boxes.
When I'm looking for new luggage there are few characteristics it must have;

  • 360 spinning, durable wheels to allow easy manoeuvrability through different terrain.
  • No more than 3kgs, I find it extremely important that the bag is lightweight so that I am able to pack more for carry on flights where there is a limit. This also makes it easier for when you have to store your luggage in an overhead compartment (learnt this the hard way).
  • A protective shell, recently I have been loving hard shell cases as they offer extra protection for your valuables. If it's not hard shell, I would definitely recommend getting a waterproof material at least.
  • Quality, sturdy handles, preferably extendable to once again aid in manoeuvrability.

My new suitcase have all these features it also has an integrated 3 digit TSA combination lock which is fantastic sets my mind at ease just that little bit more. Besides all these practical features, can I also just comment on how gorgeous the bag's design is?! I'm absolutely loving the sleek, luxurious check black design, it's definitely the prettiest case I've ever owned!

All in all if you are looking for a suitcase that provides all of the above features and also looks super chic, I would definitely recommend checking out Jett Black Luggage.

Smart Packing

This is probably an obvious one, but when it comes to travelling packing is super important. Whilst I still struggle sometimes to achieve the right balance between practical packing and being a little extra (honestly, who doesn't) I do have a few little tips to help maximise the space you have when travelling.

  • Picking out outfits

Firstly, one thing I've learnt to do is to lay out my outfits before I pack them and try to choose tops and bottoms that are able to be rematched and worn multiple times. When it comes to shoes, since they can take up a lot of room I try to keep it down to around 2 pairs - one for comfort and one for a little extra style.

  • Packing Cosmetics and Toiletries

This is a hard one, cause you never know how extra you might want to go with your makeup. But one thing I've found to help is to keep your brushes in a separate, little bag and your cosmetics and toiletries in a clear, block toilet bag. This was a massive help when I was travelling overseas last year, as you can easily reach in a find what you are looking for because you can see it from the outside.

  • Packing Cubes

I thought these seemed a bit trivial at first, but on my month long Europe trip they were a real life saver. I just bought a simple pink set from Ebay for around $12 or something, and used them to pack each category of clothing separately ie. one for underwear, one for pants, one for tops, one for dirty clothes etc. Not only do they make fitting items in easier, but they allow you to quickly put together outfits and re-pack without messing up your entire bag.


Being Organised and Cautious

What I mean by being organised, it being a smart in terms of time, money and travel documents. When traveling overseas one handy tip is to dedicate a certain pocket or bag where you always place your Passport and other important documents, so you know exactly where they are at all times. I also recommend taking photocopies of all important documents and receipts such as room bookings and your passport/ ID and keeping it stored away in the bottom of your luggage just incase. Having a travel wallet where you keep your timetables, money and plane tickets is also another way to help you keep on time.

If you are travelling in a tourist-heavy period and are looking to go and see popular attractions I would also definitely recommend taking a handbag with a zip closure on it to prevent theft, and to keep slightly in front of you on your hip. Do NOT keep anything important in your pockets, I've seen too many friends have their phones/cards/wallets pic-pocketed due to having open bags and pockets so I would 1oo% say it's something you should avoid.

 So these are just a few things I've come to learn over my various trips that I've taken. I hope I've provided a little insight and hope if you are going on a holiday soon, that you have a fabulous time! Or even if you're just doing the regular commute like me, that you can do it with a little more ease. If you have any questions or feedback please be sure to leave a comment below!


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