Love being inspired by beautiful clothes, get giddy over the release of new beauty products and dream of traveling the world - this site is the right place for you!

Launched in 2017, was created as a website to help me (Maddie) share more about my passion for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel with my followers on a more detailed level. By sharing my experiences, personal tastes and advice with everyone I hope to build a lovely little community where readers are hopefully able to gain knowledge and insight on these topics.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, with (very nearly) a degree in Design for Digital Media, a passion for photography and many years experience with Youtube, Instagram and more recently WordPress, starting up my own website naturally felt like the next step to take.

For as long as I can remember I have loved expressing myself in artistic ways. At the age of 9 I discovered Movie Maker and became obsessed with creating little short films. That then went on to discovering Photoshop and all its goodies at the age of 12, and then of course onto photography. Along the way I discovered the things I loved creating content about generally were centred around beauty and fashion, as I have always been fascinated with all the new gorgeous designs and products that are produced consistently. As well as this, I also loved the idea of documenting my travels so that I would always be able to look back at them. I caught the travel bug at 16 on my first trip overseas and have absolutely fallen in love with exploring all the amazing places the world has to offer.